Jane Eyre

In the tradition of Victorian parlor performances, Lisa Hayes brings to life Charlotte Brontë's classic novel, creating the entire cast of 25 characters in this entertaining and moving one-woman show. The show has been performed in venues ranging from castles in Scotland and historic house museums in New York to an old vaudeville theater in Montana and a Spanish mission church in California.

"The best was Jane Eyre, which celebrated both the ultimate romantic female protagonist and Charlotte  Brontë -- as well as the talents of performer Lisa Hayes...Hayes plays Eyre with fiery virtuosity."  -- The Village Voice


Nurse! chronicles the evolution of a labor strike by revealing the thoughts and struggles of individual characters - nurses, family members, negotiators, and management.  Lisa Hayes created the 75-minute show (she plays 11 different characters) using material gathered in oral history interviews with nurses. After debuting off-Broadway, the show has been performed at theaters and conferences in Italy, Turkey, Poland, and the U.S.

"The story is fascinating and superbly acted by Hayes, a marvelous acting talent, a dialectician with that rare ability to look, walk and talk differently from minute to minute, a splendid actress."  -- The Buffalo News

Solo Perfomances

A Photographer's Journey with Women and War

Finding the Light