Finding the Light

Finding the Light was accepted to The 6th Annual United Solo Theatre Festival at Theatre Row on 42nd Street, New York City and was performed on November 1, 2015.

United Solo is the world’s largest solo theatre festival, presenting performances from all over the world at Theatre Row in New York City.

Marissa Roth, whose personal and professional journey is portrayed in Finding the Light, attended the Festival.  Here is a photograph after the performance.

Audience Comments from the performance at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference in October, 2014. 


Backed by heartbreaking pictures of women who are victims of many wars, Lisa Hayes performed with great sensitivity excerpts of actual interviews with the women in the pictures. In a literary conference dedicated to depictions of war from a Fitzgerald and other male points of view, she brought the human stories of women who were not only victims but sometimes victors.  -- Ellie

In her solo performance Finding the Light, Lisa Hayes was captivating!  -- Linda

Lisa Hayes in her Finding the Light presentation gave a moving solo performance about women that was insightful and, seamless, using pictures, sounds, dramatic features, that stirred the soul and left the eternal question unanswered: "Why have women suffered?"  -- Joe

A Photographer's Journey with Women and War